“Seashell” Nominated for Sundress Award!

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My short story, “The Seashell” has been nominated for the “2015 Sundress Best of the Net Anthology!” Who would have thought. This was actually my first story to be “published” this year. I spent the entire year working my tush off writing story upon story (one of which went through forty rewrites) to try to get them into SFWA venues (because you’re told that’s the thing to do…). And basically getting rejected on the regular. Pretty discouraging stuff.

Then the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon rolled around and I didn’t give a flying rat’s ass (that’s a not so pretty picture)… I just wanted to put my work out there. And good work – work that I wrote because there were things I wanted to get out in the world – as we writers itch to do. And I just didn’t care if someone paid me for the story or not.


Masque & Spectacle did an open call for art for their May edition in honor of the 40th Anniversary. No one else had a call. I was amazed – for the 40th Anniversary? Maybe for the 50th there will be a big splash – but nothing? Not even Diacritics (which had a call but then cancelled their call – boo!). So I wrote two pieces – both of which I just sent for submission for – I know it will hurt to say this but – for FREE!


But I felt really really good about both pieces. Writing them. Mulling over them. Allowing my feelings to work themselves out through them. The other piece was about General Nguyen Ngoc Loan at Diacritics:

Meta Eulogy: Nguyễn Ngọc Loan By a Vietnamese American

Dude why is that font so big – ok whatever – I can’t handle trying to figure out why now – I just wanted to write this simple blog on my webpage which no one ever reads just to say – hey – I wrote because the universe was flowing through me and I had to – and I got my work out there…and the universe said – thanks!

So thanks. Getting paid is not what its all about… (but it sure can’t hurt!).




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