Wah the Hugos! Wah Wah!

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This is my first year participating in WorldCon and even voting for the Hugos. It seems mired in a lot of politics and scandal – the majority of which I will not go into because Wesley Chu does a fine job of doing it for me:

keep-calm-it-s-just-the-end-of-the-world-1And I’m all for folks doing things for me (esp my Friday night cooking/kitchen duties). I’m more of a – “let me find some picture some other artist drew to let you know how I feel” kinda person.

I’m going to WorldCon for the first time to (hopefully) meet and hang out with my favorite writers Alliete De Bodard, Jo Walton, the afore-mentioned Wesley Chu, and many others…and to hang out with folks from my writing group – ny “Nebs” – who live all over the world (from Australia to the Mid-west) – who I LOVE and who I will get to meet in person for the first time (except for Sunil Patel – who I get to see often – oh I ‘heart’ Sunil too!)…and to get away and pretend that I don’t actually spend 98% of my time not writing – and the other 1% of my time wishing I had time to write and the remainder 1% of my time actually writing (while slipping off into the sleep I’m depriving myself of to catch that 1% of time).

This is my first blog entry (if you don’t count the other two (testing 1 and testing 2) that my web designer posted that are clearly indicators that she did not think I paid her enough to make this website). Thank you to all three of you who have visited by website (applaud applaud!!). My web designer is great – hire her:

A small percentage of your payment will goes towards my past unpaid services rendered on my website (thanks!)  (Just kidding – really – I am.)



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